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Aldar Academies maintains a very competitive fee structure across our 8 academies. Our innovation technology, the very best teachers and state of the art facilities ensure your child reaches their true potential.

We are here to support your families. The interest-free payment plans, allow families to choose the payment options that best suit their needs.

All our schools’ fees are regulated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).


A collaborative, Emirate-wide network

A collaborative, Emirate-wide network

We make our big idea happen using the strength of our network. With six academies in Abu Dhabi and one in Al Ain, we share knowledge and best practice between our exceptional teachers every single day. Ultimately, this has helped us to become greater as a whole than the sum of our parts.
A leader for education innovation

A leader for education innovation

Alongside skilled and qualified teachers, our entire network also combines the very latest education technology, which we incorporate with the curriculum in the most effective way. Students build their skills and acquire knowledge with some of the very same tools they’ll eventually use in the professional world, preparing them for a digital future.
A direct path to international universities

A direct path to international universities

Once a student becomes a part of the Aldar Academies community, they can walk a path with us straight to university. Aldar Academies’ students gain an automatic placement to other academies in the network as they progress from primary school right up to post-16 study, avoiding any waiting lists.
An accessible, exceptional education

An accessible, exceptional education

With education playing such a pivotal role in the communities we serve, it is our aim to reach as many young people in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain as we possibly can. To this end, we have positioned our tuition fees to make our celebrated education accessible to more families across both Emirates.


Year Group School Fees Per Annum (in AED)* Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
FS1 42,900 17,160 12,870 12,870
FS2 – Year 1 44,390 17,756 13,317 13,317
Year 2 – Year 6 46,530 18,612 13,959 13,959
Year 7 – Year 8 51,730 20,692 15,519 15,519
Year 9 55,460 22,184 16,638 16,638
Year 10 – Year 13 61,150 24,460 18,345 18,345

*Fees for the term 2022-2023. Please note, our fees are regulated by ADEK and are subject to change.

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Once your admissions documents have been completed, our Finance Team will be on hand to support and assist you.

Tuition fees can be paid by bank transfer, cheque or via the payit app. The Finance Officer in school will be able to assist you with the whole process.

All books for curriculum activities are included within your school fees.  However, please note that books for any extra-curricular activities may incur an additional charge.

The bus service is available to all students and is provided at a fixed fee per student per academic year. Please contact the Admission Team who will confirm the fee for each school and the routes they follow.


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